“Available for your home in 1995, only on Nintendo’s Ultra 64!” Yeah, they had us fooled. What would eventually become the Nintendo 64 looked NOTHING like the arcade intros of <i>Killer Instinct</i> and <i>Cruisn’ USA</i>. We was robbed! So, yeah, Nintendo made a promise and then broke it, releasing a system that was still good but not capable of arcade quality graphics (Even the port of <i>Killer Instinct II</i>, later called <i>Killer Instinct Gold</i> was a disappointment). But we still remember how stoked we were for Nintendo’s next system to come out. The level of excitement that we had for this one was at JJ Abrams levels. Unfortunately, the outcome was also at JJ Abrams levels, as the final product was good, but not great. Maybe the Wii U will make up for it. We shall see...eventually.

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