Even to this day, Nintendo has a reputation for being not for the hardcore gamer. Sure, the Wii U is supposed to alleviate that problem. But the start of that sea change began almost two decades ago when Mortal Kombat II came home to the SNES and it was just as bloody and wonderful as its arcade counterpart.

If you don’t remember, the original MK had been totally butchered on the SNES, lacking "blood code" like the Genesis version boasted. But the shift for the sequel led many to believe that, hey, Nintendo ain’t f**kin’ around this time. This time, they were for real with their commitment to please both the casual and the hardcore audiences. This time, they weren’t being pussies. It was an almost arcade-perfect port, and it made Nintendo look like a beast. We still remember being shocked at seeing Kung Lao’s hat-slice fatality on the same system that we had just played the colorful Super Mario World on. It was one hell of an eye-opener, and we’ll never forget it for the rest of our lives.