We’ve got to hand it to Lindsay Lohan: Considering this chick only has one hit movie under her belt (all right, maybe two if The Parent Trap had you reaching for the tissues back in the day), she sure knows how to keep making headlines. Now if only she could do so for reasons related to actual talent....

Most recently, LiLo was fingered for taking a five-finger discount on a $2,500 necklace at a Venice jewelry store. She's now reluctantly, half-nakedly chipping away at her 480 hours of court-ordered community service, so we wonder: Was it worth it? In terms of publicity, quite possibly. But still.

In honor of our favorite redhead caught red-handed and other celebs before her that helped pave the way, we’ve created The Thieving Celebrity Infographic, so you can see who stole what, from where, and how much it was worth. If you're into the criminal type, these stars just might steal your heart.

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