Author Stephen King loves to pop up in the film and TV adaptations of his work. During the span of his career, King has made cameo appearances in over 18 films. So when we were constructing our list we knew there had to be at least one that met our quota of pointless and obnoxious, and, gosh-golly, we think we found it.

No matter what the biggest Stephen King Stans will try to tell you, Sleepwalkers was not a good film. We know that they'll try to to say that the B-movie campiness of it all is entertaining, but, nah, it wasn't. They'll try to to say that the concept of weird shape-shifting cats going after virgins is cool, but, nah, it was lame. And yeah, we’re sure they'll tell us it's awesome to see horror movie directors Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre) and Clive Barker (Hellraiser) bicker with writer Stephen King during his brief 50-second cameo, but, nah, it was useless.

Actually, pointless is a more appropriate word, and, due to King's corny overacting, also very non-subtle. We’d actually preferred if they just played dead next time.