Spotify is on the offensive. The music streaming software that's not yet available here in the U.S. has just announced a new service that will allow users to download any of the 9 million tracks available in its catalog for prices as low as £.50 per song. This is just the latest step the company is taking to make the popular software "the only music player you'll ever need." 

The move places Spotify in direct competition with Apple's iTunes and Amazon, both of which are working hard to create streaming music services able to best Spotify. To really let Apple know it's not playing around, though, Spotify has incorporated a new feature that will allow users to manage their iPods directly from the Spotify software. Connect your iPod to your computer while uses Spotify and it'll pop up the 'Devices' section. 

Of course, this all means nothing to us here in America as we're still waiting for Spotify to work out the contract situations with various music companies. Still, this is interesting news. To all of our European readers, enjoy. 

[via BGR