After retiring from porn and impressing audiences in The Girlfriend Experience and on HBO's Entourage, Sasha Grey is continuing her crossover into non-pornographic work by joining the cast of Frankie Latina's Skinny Dip.

The exploitation flick, which pretty much sounds like the female Hobo With A Shotgun, will find Grey playing a young woman who goes au natural on a dare and ends up a victim of an attack. Similiar to  the homage-happy Grindhouse and Machete, Grey's in-the-buff character decides to get a little revenge by stealing a police uniform to dish out some shotgun-ishment.

"Skinny Dip will draw from a new, equally powerful and provocative actress in Sasha Grey," director Frankie Latina tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Combining the wild, exploitative sensibility of grindhouse films with strong female characters drawn from the present—these are the kinds of films I make and want to see."

The real test will be if anyone else wants to take a plunge with Skinny Dip. But we already love the movie's tagline: “They took her bikini. They took her virginity. She took her revenge.”

Joining Grey in the presumably blood-filled project will be Pam Grier, Brigitte Nielsen, and Complex's resident professor of badass Danny Trejo.

Filming will begin next month in Santa Marta, Colombia.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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