"Used and endorsed by the Pittsburgh Steelers," Mt. EverClimb is what happens when you apply the continuous movement of a treadmill with the classic PE exercise of rope climbing. In inventor Darren Kamp's own words:

“After five years of work through trial and error, I felt we had built a rope climb exercise machine. This one piece of equipment enables users to achieve a full-body strength and cardio workout. Some of the benefits of this type of combined anaerobic and aerobic training include increased strength, lean body mass, improved posture and muscle balance, and increased bone density. The machine features a heavy-duty welded tubular steel frame, a pulley wheel, and a looped rope that creates a continuous climbing action. A front-mounted switch box allows the user to control speed, power, and direction of the rope."

The rig costs a hefty $8 grand to own, but we're hoping it'll make its way into our local gym.


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