Princeton will charge you tuition to attend their classes. So will a community college. Nearly all institutions of learning are coming to you with their hand out, demanding something in return for swelling your brain. But here's an education you can get for free—Afrika Bambaataa of "I shaped hip-hop fundamentally in its earliest days"-fame is DJing the Mid in Chicago and to get in all you have to do is RSVP. No ticket to buy, just a a submission of name and email address. That's it.

The Godfather of the Zulu Nation, former Black Spades warlord, and all-around gifted human being, Afrika Bambaataa was one of the first artists to tour internationally in the name of hip-hop, making peace and spreading the gospel of the music. We aren't worthy of this man. And yet he makes music for us. The mind reels. He DJs this Friday. How are you not going to go?

Afrika Bambaataa
Friday, May 6
10 p.m.
The Mid
306 North Halsted, Chicago
Free with RSVP; $10 without