"A real, happy Serbian family."

When to look away: 1:23:00 into the movie

We’re not here to spoil the entirety of A Serbian Film for all of you sick sons of bitches who’ve already pre-ordered tickets to catch it this weekend. Don’t worry, everyone is “that creepy guy” in a theater that’s playing this unbelievably vile trainwreck of a movie. Like any true showman, Spasojevic saves his pair of amazingly immoral images for last.

The first sets up A Serbian Film’s big climax, set in a large, open warehouse space adorned with a big white bed that has two lifeless bodies on it, covered in bloodied sheets. Their identities are kept secretive as a drugged-up Milos and his brother Marko start humping around the hidden people’s backsides.

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out just who’s under those sheets; deep down, though, we were hoping that our suspicions would be proven wrong. But, of course, Spasojevic holds nothing back in the big reveal. Let’s just say that a certain someone experiences Milos The Filthy Stud’s return way too up close and personal.