Parental discretion is non-existent.

When to look away: 1:00 into the movie

A Serbian Film opens with what we’re guessing is the director’s idea of a tender family moment, which is to say it’s still pretty messed up.

Without any set-up, we’re thrown right into the middle of a rather graphic porno movie sex scene, starring A Serbian Film’s protagonist, Milos. At first, though, it seems that the viewer is watching a hot-and-heavy round of intercourse, complete with doggystyle and oral, go down within Serbian’s actual storyline, but then Spasojevic pans back to show that we’re actually in a quaint living room. And watching the porn-within-the-movie, wittily titled Milos The Filthy Stud, is Milos’ young son, who can’t be any older than eight.

Some films encapsulate father/son moments with images of families watching old home movies; A Serbian Film has its kindergarten-aged character ask mommy about why daddy has another woman’s face in his crotch. Awww.