Sometimes, a new movie (usually foreign) comes along and walks the fine line between vile exploitation and psychologically devastating horror. Last year, Dutch filmmaker Tom Six’s controversial The Human Centipede (First Sequence) accomplished this, albeit in an unintentionally funny, not to mention partially effective, way; as hard as Six’s movie tried, there’s just nothing scary about a chain of ass-to-mouth people. Putrid, absolutely, but not frightening at all.

Besides, after seeing A Serbian Film, The Human Centipede seems like a lighthearted comedy. Opening in limited release this weekend (rated NC-17, mind you), Serbia-born director Srdjan Spasojevic’s debut feature has been a lightning rod of criticism and outright anger since the incredibly violent and sexually explicit flick began its festival run early last year.

Now that we’ve finally seen A Serbian Film, it’s easy to understand why people are labeling it as perhaps the most extreme movie ever made. It’s about a has-been porn star, Milos (Srdjan Todorovic), who takes one last movie job in order to move his wife and son out of oppressive Serbia; his new director doesn’t tell him what the role entails, though, leading to a series of grotesque scenes that shock both Milos and A Serbian Film’s brave audience.

An angry piece of nihilistic work, Spasojevic’s film goes to unbelievable lengths to batter one’s eyes with one ghastly image after another. So, for all of you brave movie-loving souls out there, we’ve decided to supply a primer for what’ll easily go down as 2011’s sickest movie. Here is our Guide To The Most Disturbing Scenes In A Serbian Film. You see the things we do for your entertainment and informational needs? Now, we’ll just need you to cover our therapy expenses. The bill is already in the mail.