Words to live by: If something seems is too good to be true, it probably is. Case in point: If your search for an iPad 2 has you trolling through multiple eBay pages and you come across someone selling one for what seems like an unbelievable price, do yourself a favor and do not place a bid. It's a scam.  

There a bunch of these floating around the online marketplace. The most popular scam involves you bidding not on an actual iPad 2, but basically instructions on how to enter an online contest to get a chance to win an iPad 2 as evidenced by the image below. The auctions ask you for personal and contact information which will then be used to either steal your identity, flood your e-mail or mobile phone with messages, or both.

As a whole, eBay is full of scams. If you're looking for the best deal on anything, it'd do you well to actually read through all the fine print and make sure you're purchasing what you believe you're buying. 

[via Crunch Gear]

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