Entourage creator Doug Ellin really wanted Charlie Sheen to appear during the final season of the hit HBO show. He even went so far as to call up the warlock-hater himself to see if he could appear. Unfortunately, though, it appears Sheen never got the message. Or maybe was too busy with his goddesses to call back.

“I never heard back. Looks like it will not be happening,” Ellin told EW. “I could have come up with some good stuff. I didn’t really plan anything, but I would have.”

We can only imagine what kind of activities Sheen would have gotten involved with on Entourage. In fact, let's imagine! How about Vince sees Sheen in rehab, and becomes Twitter buddies with him, causing Turtle and Drama to get jealous? (Drama, of course, likely worked with Sheen in the '80s.)


[Via Entertainment Weekly]

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