Following a deluge of tutorial videos in the past few weeks, Bethesda has released the launch trailer for its blended single/multi-player shooter Brink.  Let us catch you up on the story: 40 years ago The Ark was built. It was to be a self-sustaining floating city housing 5000 people, but somehow 50,000 people ended up calling it home. Fights over resources began soon after, and two factions emerged: The Security and The Resistance. In Brink, you choose a faction, create your character, and follow the chosen storyline on The Ark. When you’re ready for multi-player action, you can take your single-player character to the fight and continue to develop him. This marriage of the play modes allows you to really immerse yourself into the world of Brink and fight for what you believe in. Or you can just play the game to blow shit up. Either way, the game launches tomorrow and we'll see you there!     

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