After bestowing the Kinect for Xbox 360 with the award for fasting selling consumer electronics device in history, the Guinness World Records has now doled a few more accolades in the consumer electronics and gaming world. Apple's App Store and its iPhone 4 each officially achieved world records.

The App Store, which has had over 6.5 billion downloads since its launch in 2008, was crowned as the largest downloadable video game store, the most popular application marketplace, and as having the largest launch lineup of any gaming system. They're really running out of awards, huh? 

The iPhone 4 bagged the award for the fastest-selling portable gaming device after moving 1.5 million units on its June 24, 2010 release day. What about the Game Boy, you ask? Well, the DS moved 500,000 in two weeks of release. 

The ubiquitous Angry Birds was named the top paid-for App Store game with over 6.5 million downloads of the iOS version since December 2009. We're not sure how that qualified for a Guinness World Record, but we haven't read one of those books in years. 

[LA Times Blog via Slash Gear

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