For those who live by the code of “never hit a lady,” we’ve got a proposition: Try remaining chivalrous during a zombie apocalypse. It’s hard not enough to not become a two-armed/two-legged buffet meal for reanimated corpses, so just imagine how difficult it’d be keep your cool around overbearing women while graveyard residents hunt you down.

Take Ben in Night Of The Living Dead, the granddaddy of all zombie movies, for example; from the beginning of George A. Romero’s masterpiece all the way to his tragic end, he’s the steadfast and reliable hero, but even valiant men have their moments. Having lost her marbles, Barbara, Ben’s fellow survivor, starts talking crazy, testing cool-headed Ben’s last nerve with every bit of annoying line delivery.

Once she smacks him across the mug for ignoring her, though, Ben, against his better judgment, can’t help but slap Babs upside her head. The result: She’s knocked out cold, he finally has some quiet time, and the dozens of walking dead flesheaters outside could give a shit less.