7. MOONSTRUCK (1987)

It takes a lot for a woman to scare us. She either has to resemble one of those WWE Divas who’ve long waved femininity goodbye or convincingly act like Cher. For whatever reason, the one-named singer/actress has always been intimidating; maybe it’s because of this scene from the first-class romantic comedy Moonstruck.

Cher plays a down and dirty Brooklyn chick who’s in love with her fiancé (Danny Aiello) and his younger, more streetwise brother, played by a pre-punchline Nicolas Cage. This BK dame isn’t the kind of woman who’ll support her man’s slacker ways with a tender heart and blind eyes; she’s the type to slap sense into wayward men. Check out how hard she wallops Cage; his cheeks must’ve been burning. Just imagine how red-hot her foreplay rituals must be.