Parent groups might piss us off at times, when they're hating violent video games or other forms of entertainment we love. But, after watching the trailer for The Bully Project, we've found a similar cause. 

The movie's director, Lee Hirsch, whose film Amandla!: A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony garnered critical acclaim, makes it clear that there are times when parents have to take action. Hirsch, who was a victim of bullying himself, follows students and their families from Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Iowa. Seeing snippets of this film, it’s truly upsetting to witness kids saying they’re afraid to go to school, or how the standard of what they consider to be good days is nowhere near Ice Cube’s version. And they have the nerve to blame rap and rock music for school shootings.

It’s a heartbreaking look into the lives of adolescents who are pushed around and oppressed at young ages. The film is making its way to the Tribeca Film Festival, where it will premiere on April 23rd. Unless you were a bully yourself who feels no remorse about this subject, make sure to check this one out. And if you were a teenaged oppressor, please slap yourself in the face.