Launch date: June 8, 1998

Fatal flaw(s): Limited storage, not truly portable, poorly designed interface 

If you were a satellite radio junkie and wanted your fix while on the go, the Sirius S50 device built by Samsung was your best best. Unfortunately, best was a relative term. While you could record songs that you "Love" with the push of a button, the S50 only packed in 1 GB of storage. You're probably thinking, "So What? I'll just listen to it live." Nope, sorry. The only way to listen to live music or talk shows on the S50 is by connecting it to a car or home dock. To listen to content on the go, you had to record it. Which brings us back to our original problem of storage. Sirius said the RIAA sabotaged the S50 with its amendments to the Audio Home Recording Act and various lawsuits against Sirius and XM Radio. We don't deny that—those dudes are grimey—but that doesn't make the S50 any less of a failure.