Launch date: March, 1984

 Fatal flaw(s): Expensive, not compatible with other IBM PCs, horrible keyboard 

After only two years in the personal computer market, IBM was able to steal away 26% of all sales. But that's what IBM was about. It would see a viable industry that fit well inside its wheel house and pounce. When Big Blue saw all the money that was being made by selling low-priced computers to schools and consumers, it decided that that was market it needed to be in. So after a year or so of development and a $40 million ad push, it released the PCjr. Marketed as a computer that was compatible with IBMs more serious business machines, but more affordable, it turned out to be neither. It was more expensive than its competition and couldn't run a great number of software titles that IBM's other computers could. At the time, with the Apple Macintosh hitting stores, Time magazine called the PCjr "one of the biggest flops in the history of computing." They were right.