15. FRED CLAUS (2007)

Starring: Ludacris
Why it sucks: It’s bad enough that Vince Vaughn’s comedies have sucked post-Wedding Crashers, but why’d he have to drag Luda down with him?

Prior to Fred Claus, the most effective punishment for kids since the old soap-in-the-mouth tactic, Ludacris was on a roll in Hollywood, having co-starred in the Oscar-winning Crash and critically hailed Hustle & Flow. The allure of a children’s movie cash-in was apparently too strong to resist, though, and the Atlanta MC-turned-actor signed on to play an annoying elf DJ in the first of several Vince Vaughn-led crapfests. After Fred Claus, LL Cool J must’ve felt much better about Robin Williams’ Toys.