Sad truth: So far, 2011 has been a pretty underwhelming year for movies. For those who dig beneath the surface, there have been plenty of interesting options, from the South Korean serial killer knockout I Saw The Devil to the dark and savage Black Death. In the mainstream, the amount of recommendable options hasn’t been as plentiful, with Insidious and Hanna sticking out in our minds as flicks we’ll gladly drop coin on in DVD shops by year’s end.

So will this go down as one of the most mediocre years of our movie-watching careers? Definitely not. Just take a look at what awaits us in the impending summer months. Hollywood always saves its biggest, loudest, and most expensive productions for the time frame ranging from May through August, and 2011 is no different.

Comic book lovers are about to flip their lids over the long-awaited movie incarnations of Thor, Captain America, and Green Lantern. People who love too much of a good thing will have a bunch of cash-in sequels to choose from, and sickos who gravitate toward sadistic foreign genre pics are in for some particularly brutal imports.

In all, the summer of 2011 has the potential to be one of the best in years. Hell, it’ll certainly be better than last summer, which brought us such gems as The Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time, The A-Team, and Jonah Hex. Grab your calendars as we present Complex’s 25 Most Anticipated Movies Of Summer 2011.

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