7. SHOCKER (1989)

In 1989, Craven was five years removed from A Nightmare On Elm Street, yet he held a grudge against New Line Cinema for, in his mind, not paying him all of the Elm Street money he deserved. His solution: Blatantly try to create, and cash in on, another horror franchise, one with a Freddy-Krueger-like villain, dream sequences, and elaborate death scenes a la Elm Street. And, for the hell of it, a splash of social commentary aimed at television enthusiasts.

Screenwriting panache, however, fell by the wayside. Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files) is memorable as the film’s orange-jumpsuit-wearing, resurrected killer. Too bad he’s wasted in an idiotic Elm Street ripoff that co-stars John Tesh (no joke) and defies intelligence with dialogue like, “I will eat this wimp’s will power for breakfast,” and, said after Pileggi eats a guy’s hands, “Finger-lickin’ good.” Makes Fred Krueger sound like Dave Chappelle.