The City Of Lost Souls is the Miike film that your girlfriend will appreciate…that is, if she’s the kind of gal who can stomach extreme gore and harbors a desire to bust guns. Consider yourself lucky if your girl fits that bill.

Miike does his best Bonnie And Clyde impression with The City Of Lost Souls, about a Japanese-Brazilian gangster who’s on the run, alongside his Chinese immigrant girl, from Japanese Yakuza and the police. It’s about as close to a traditional love story as Miike will ever get, which is one of the many reason why we love the guy so much.

Though this one doesn’t exist in the upper echelon of Miike’s catalog, it’s still a great example of the filmmaker’s naturally subversive energy. Just as much as he wants to deliver a tragic romance, Miike also loves showing off his visual wizardry (a toilet bowl swirly is shown from the bottom of the shitter panning upward) and anarchist mentality (a massive fight channels the freeze-frame effects of The Matrix).