In a huge deal worth between $75 million and $100 million, Netflix has obtained the rights to stream re-runs of AMC's Mad Men in the U.S. from Lionsgate Television. Starting on July 27, the on-demand video site will pay Lionsgate around $1 million per episode, according to The Wall Street Journal. In all, a total of 91 episodes from seven seasons of the hit show—four seasons of which have already aired, with three more in the works—will be available to Netflix subscribers in the States.

Once the final episode of the fifth season airs on AMC in 2012, that entire season will also be made available online. Add that to the fact that the company has recently added Glee and The Wonder Years to its streaming service and Netflix gives you another reason (for $7.99 a month) to cut the cable.

Mad Men returns to the small screen for its fifth installment on March 2012.

[via Wall Street Journal]