Assassinated By: Michael Corleone
Cause of Death: Point blank gunshots

Virgil Sollozzo really had it coming. First, he arranges to have the Corleone family's top muscle Luca Brasi killed, and then he tries to do the same to man-in-charge Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) on more than one occasion. But then, in an idiotic moment of peacefulness, Sollozzo schedules a sitdown with Vito' son Michael (Al Pacino) to squash the beef and walk away in amicable laughter. Bad idea.

Knowing he'll get frisked at the restaurant's entrance, Michael has a revolver stashed behind a toilet inside the restaurant's bathroom. Sollozzo and Captain McCluskey—a shady cop on Sollozzo's payroll and who's present as the security—allow the intelligently prepared Michael to excuse himself for a quick tinkle, but really he's going for a number two. Make that one bullet for Sollozzo's forehead and another for McCluskey's.