Assassinated By: The Joker
Cause of Death: Large quill jammed into his throat

The Joker's magic pencil trick in 2008's The Dark Knight gets all of the love, but we're here to point out that the clownish villain performed a similar act of writing-instrument-savagery nearly twenty years prior.

As the Joker in director Tim Burton's first foray into Gotham City, Jack Nicholson basically played the infamous villain as Jack Nicholson in clown makeup; it's nowhere near as immersive a performance as Heath Ledger's. But it's still a hoot, and Nicholson's unhinged portrayal really shifts into gear with this scene.

Looking to make a name for himself, Joker and a bunch of mimes interrupt a politician's press conference. With the public's attention directed his way, the giggling sociopath jams an oversized quill pen into powerful mobster Ricorso's throat with the giddiness of a schoolgirl meeting Justin Bieber.

Ledger's use of the pencil is much more creative, sure, but, sometimes, it pays to get right to the point.