Assassinated By: Frank Nitti
Cause of Death: Both shot in the head inside an elevator

Hitmen don't get much more ruthless than Frank Nitti (Billy Drago) in Brian De Palma's The Untouchables. Al Capone's top assassin, Nitti stalks through the movie with a silent force, popping up only to dump bullets into several prominent characters.

His most ruthless act comes at the expense of accountant Oscar Wallace (Charles Martin Smith) and Capone's turncoat bookkeeper George (Brad Sullivan). Wallace and George casually get onto a service elevator inside a Chicago police station, joined by a third man in a police uniform. Their fellow passenger, it turns out, is Nitti in disguise, who skips snappy pre-kill one-liners and simply blows their brains out. As a finishing touch, he then writes "Touchable" in their blood as a message to the the rest of Eliot Ness' "Untouchables" crew. Much wittier than "Nitti was here."