Chocolatepanther, the intriguing moniker of the man with the video camera, has one thing going for him: Sergio may be a kitchen pisser but he at least isn't a belligerent drunk. Because if he had been this would have stopped being a harmless night in the life of the charming lush Sergio and his best friend Chocolatepanther (think a City Guys style sitcom, but real raw instead of neutered a la Tyler Perry), and turned very quickly into: "Yo Sergio, I think you're pissing in the kitchen," at which point crazy eyes Sergio cocks his head to the side, icegrills the lens and then roars "Am I?" right as he turns his flow on CP and splatters him with urine. "AM I PISSING IN THE KITCHEN, CHOCOLATEPANTHER? OR AM I PISSING IN YOUR FACE?"

The differences between various permutations of that guy, in this case the kitchen pisser vs. the wild pisser, are scary subtle.