Last night, Tequila Cazadores hosted a tasting and dinner at Sueños, a Mexican fusion restaurant situated between the Meatpacking District and Chelsea. Tequila Cazadores, a Mexican import renowned for using only 100% agave, let us taste all three of their tequilas in between dinner courses prepared by Sueños head chef Sue Torres.

We sipped the tequilas—Blanco, Reposado and Añejo—neat in between courses while brand ambassador Tania Oseguera described the process for making each.

The Blanco has a refreshingly clean flavor. Exhaling through your mouth after tasting (as per Oseguera's instructions) produced a tingling sensation, not unlike a peppermint. In a margarita this tequila would pop.

The Reposado was sweeter than the Blanco; the heavier body coated the inside of your mouth, allowing the flavor to linger.

Truly the evening's champ, the Añejo smells almost like whiskey, the aroma is so smokey. The complex flavor contains notes of vanilla, spice, and smoke. With money to burn, the Anejo would be the way to go every time, assuming you want a tequila to sip. It would be unnecessary to do much else with it.

If the three-course dinner Torres put together is any indication, Sueños is a helluva restaurant. The veal tongue tacos would bring even the most timid of eaters around to the idea of lengua for the rest of their life. The dessert, another highlight, was key lime pie made with serrano pepper in the crust, producing a spicy flavor that cleansed the palate with each bite.

Remember: impress your friends with straight tequila drinking technique. Be sure to exhale through the mouth for optimal sensation. Might be a nicely flirtatious thing to say next time you're at the bar and you're buying for the lady who's piqued your interest. Just don't try it with bottom-shelf swill. It won't end well.

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