Weren’t expecting to see Kangaroo Jack on this list, huh? Well, that must mean that you’ve never actually seen the film; those who have know that it’s one saving grace is stunning Canadian model/actress Estella Warren, and that the movie’s best scene has nothing to do with a kangaroo wearing a Brooklyn hoodie.

It’s a short tease, but this scene starts off in highly promising fashion. Underneath a rather scenic waterfall, Warren splashes the clear wet stuff all over her body, silhouetted in shadows and just tantalizing enough to make one feel less ashamed to sit through Kangaroo Jack. But then Jerry O’Connell has to walk into frame and fuck everything up. Instead of a prolonged, one-girl body cleansing session, we get a sequence that’s deflated faster than a pin-pricked balloon. It sure was good while it lasted, though.

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