11. BO DEREK IN 10 (1979)

No countdown of hot water scenes would be complete without Miss Bo Derek, who earned immortal pin-up status by simply running down the beach in a one-piece bikini and cornrows in the rom-com 10. She mastered Pamela Anderson’s slow-motion Baywatch run while Pam was still doing grade school homework.

Throughout the movie, a middle-aged composer (Dudley Moore) with a girlfriend of his own obsesses over Derek’s character, who’s also taken, not to mention unaware that she’s the star of Moore’s every little dream. The most well-known of his fantasies is the aforementioned bikini-and-cornrows jog—frankly, it’s the only part of 10 we recall, or even care about. It’s also the reason why we’ve tried time and time again to get our white girlfriends to braid their hair. Better that than ask ladies to run toward us in slo-mo, no?