When it comes to gossip in Silicon Valley, there’s only one tech company that makes people conjure up the most wild and crazy canards—Apple, Inc. Ever since the company brought back its CEO, Steve Jobs, the Cupertino clan has been the subject of some of the most bizarre, yet intriguing rumors ever created. Take, for example, the iPad 2 that's being announced later today. For months, every tech site (including this one) reported each and every report made about the upcoming tablet and the features it may or may not have—two cameras, bigger speaker, HD screen, smaller size—every claim made the news. But that's just how it goes. Apple's secrecy has helped build the ever-enticing enigma that has kept the public on the edge of its seats waiting for Steve Jobs and Co. to announce its next great thing. From large corporation buyouts to the latest whispers surrounding its i-catalog, we rank The 25 Craziest Apple Rumors of All-Time.