How's this for meta: POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold is a film about product placement that documents the process of acquiring product placement.

As seen in this new trailer, Morgan Spurlock, went knocking on the doors of various companies to receive sponsorships (in other words, soliciting product placement), while digging through the history of the brand names' visible sales method with interviews from filmmaking personalities like J.J. Abrams, Brett Ratner, and Quentin Tarantino, each of whom discuss the pressures thrust upon them by corporate entities to work product whoring into their respective movies. The director/participant also talks to folks like Ralph Nader, Donald Trump, and L.A. Reid in order to gain marketing advice.

The finished product, which is set to open in limited release on April 22, is the film that Spurlock attempts to secure funding for throughout The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. Again, this could be one of the most meta films ever. The lighthearted documentary has reaped series of positive reviews since its debut at Sundance Film Festival this past January, including positive reception at SXSW.