7. CHUCK & BUCK (2000)

Director: Miguel Arteta
James Gunn says: This movie was written by Mike White, who went on to write School Of Rock and write and direct Year Of The Dog, and he also stars in the movie. It was directed by Miguel Arteta, who just did Cedar Rapids. Oh, and the other two stars are the Weitz brothers, Chris and Paul, who wrote and directed American Pie. The performances from all three of those guys, who are writers, are great. It’s really interesting how writers can so often be good actors, because they just don’t overplay things.

Chuck & Buck is a creepy cringefest. It’s about these two guys who’ve been best friends all of their lives, and you find out that they used to fuck all the time when they were kids—Mike White and Paul Weitz. When the characters were kids, they used to say, “Chuck and Buck fuck and suck!” [Laughs.] Mike White still obviously wants to fuck Paul Weitz, and Paul Weitz isn’t really interested.

It’s a great movie for straight males to freak out on. [Laughs.] But it’s great. Knowing that Paul Weitz is a straight guy makes it creepy to watch. It’s just really creepy, but it’s funny and strangely touching at the same time. It’s really one of the best movies on this list.

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