Human advancement is amazing. Not so long ago, the common citizen endured primitive medical practices, polio, stagecoaches, and bad video game voice acting. Nowadays, we have the iPad 2, stem cell research, electric sports cars, and Martin Sheen in Mass Effect 2. How did we get this far? Well, it all stems from the human desire to not suck at things. In the modern console era, we rarely have to deal with “Jill Sandwich”-level performances in games; once the medium proved itself, the performative status quo is longer laughable.

In 2010, gamers were lucky enough to experience a flock of legit voice acting performances across multiple genres. Although there were indeed a few half-baked script readings here and there, overall the contender pool was a crowded, splashing mess of awesome—even more so than last year’s inaugural awards would lead us to believe. We don’t take these awards lightly, and neither should you. Because nothing takes you out of the gaming experience like crappy voice acting. So pop you some popcorn and put down that Dualshock, it's time for the Throaties!

By Ryan Woo

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