A writer from The Wall Street Journal earlier this month wrote a piece detailing how he transformed his Barnes & Noble Nook Color e-reader into a full-fledged Android tablet using a simple hack picked up from Ars Technica. Tthe writer, Brett Arends, boasted about how happy he was with his $250 Android tablet. Yeah, it was slow, but it worked. 

The folks at Barnes & Noble must have been listening, because today the Home Shopping Network leaked info that the company plans to release a software update next month that will essentially turn the Nook Color into an Android tablet

The Nook Color e-reader, $259, already runs on Android, but lacks all the features Android tablets and smartphones have like e-mail, a web browser, and the ability to run apps. According to HSN, the update will bring all of that to the Nook Color. 

Barnes & Noble hasn't confirmed the update, but if you're looking to cop a Nook Color and want all that functionality, you can always hack it

[via PC World


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