4. Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay)

Biggest W since Friends: She was nominated for an Emmy for The Comeback, her short-lived HBO comedy about an actress trying to revive her career. She is also producing, writing, and starring in Web Therapy, which is on Showtime, and she is the executive producer of NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are?
Biggest L since Friends: Even though The Comeback would be praised by most critics it would only last one season.
Noticeable relationships: She’s been married forever to some French advertising dude named Michel Stern.
Public scandals: A couple of years ago, Kudrow’s manager, Scott Howard, sued her over unpaid commission.
Complex says: It seems like Kudrow is settling into a nice non-mainstream niche with her online work. When she does work with network TV it’s in the producing arena, which is where the money is at, so we're not even mad. And to think, we’ve always thought blondes where dumb.