The future is here. And it looks kind of like a Segway with a mini LCD monitor. In fact, it's a new telepresence robot called Vgo. And it's been helping high school freshman, Lyndon Baty, attend classes and interact with his classmates from the comfort and safety of his home.

Baty's weak immune system prevents him for attending school with other kids his age, so he uses the 4-ft-tall robot to act as a sort of surrogate or avatar (or another sci-fi movie, take your pick). The Vgo features a video screen, a camera, and a speaker. Baty accesses the robot by logging in from his home computer. There he can see what's going on in the class rooms and speak with teachers and other students. He can even move the $6,000 Vgo from classroom to classroom.

We're sure the lil homie wishes he could really be in school with his peers, but this presents a better option than being home alone.

[DVICE via SingularityHub]