Chances are even if you didn't watch the 83rd Annual Academy Awards last night (and we don't blame you if you didn't), you read about it on Twitter. Knowing that, two Twitter analytics services, Mass Relevance and TweetReach, partnered together to map out the online worldwide conversation that took place during Hollywood's big night. What'd they find?

The two companies discovered that even with 1,269,979 tweets posted between 5:30 and 8:45 PST and over 388,000 people tweeting using Oscar-related terms—"Oscars", "Academy Awards", and "#Oscars"—the amount of Twitter traffic still trailed behind events like the Super Bowl. The Big Game saw people sending about 17,000 tweets per minute, while users only posted around 12,000 Oscar tweets per minute (the most of which were sent during the auto-tune montage, and when Oprah came out to present Best Documentary).

Peep the infographic to see the full breakdown. And to also see the most retweeted Oscar tweet of the night, which came courtesy of The Onion.

[Tech Crunch]

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