FX has become a home for quality programming that remains underwatched. See the unfortunately canceled Terriers, the in-danger Lights Out (fingers crossed for a ratings renaissance), and the perpetually overlooked comedy The League. Well, here's one series that might take off, should it get beyond the pilot stage.

The network has gone ahead and greenlit the comic book adaptation Powers. Based on the popular comic by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, the show would follow a pair of detectives "in a homicide department devoted to cases that involve superheroes." Think Watchmen mixed with Law & Order. The pilot order comes a decade after Sony optioned the rights for a feature film version, which never came to fruition.

Why might this pilot get picked up? Charles Eglee, who wrote the pilot and will serve as an executive producer with Bendis, worked on The Walking Dead, while the production company is the same one responsible for the AMC zombie hit. That's a pedigree that FX will likely want to get on their network.

For his part, Bendis expressed his excitement on Twitter: "Powers pilot was just greenlit by FX. It's official! Your window of reading Powers while it was still cool is running out.” Nothing like a little self-deprecating humor.