Being a good DJ is hard.

Anyone can put on some hits, but picking that artist or song that will really connect is a delicate science. Thanks to Ben Gleitzman-- one of the geniuses behind the startup Hunch-- now it's computer science.

Automatic DJ is a program Gleitzman created that literally takes the guess-work out of music selection. That's because your music taste is already written all over your face. The program recognizes you via an iSight camera and then brilliantly picks a song you like based on what's in your Facebook profile.

In the demo above, Automatic DJ runs smoothly and figures out what tunes to play pretty quickly. For now, Gleitzman isn't developing the program himself, but he's made the code public so that programmers with some ingenuity can play around with it.

The basic idea is really clever, but there are surely bumps to be worked out (such as access to music databases and private Facebook accounts) before anything based on Automatic DJ is ready for primetime. Still, this is pretty dope. We just hope they keep the airhorn.

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[Gleitzman via Gizmodo]