#10: NEVER FOREVER (2007)

Sexual Arrangement: A married woman pays an illegal Korean immigrant to have sex with her so she can become pregnant.

Is it ever cool for a guy’s wife to cheat on him? You’d think not, but 2007’s effective art-house film Never Forever presents one scenario that justifies infidelity. Vera Farmiga stars as the wife of a Korean American man whose un-super sperm aren’t strong enough for her to have a baby. After her hubby tries killing himself as a result, Farmiga finds a struggling immigrant and offers him $300 for each sexual encounter until she’s pregnant; once she’s knocked up, he’ll get $30,000. Keep in mind, it’s all to provide her suicidal husband with the child he so desperately wants. You got to admit, that’s pretty damn romantic. Not to mention, it’s a win-win for dude, who gets paid to romp with Vera Farmiga repeatedly. Makes you hate your job, doesn’t it?