ios4.3There's been a lot of buzz around the next release of Apple's iOS, version 4.3. After the Verizon iPhone 4 announcement, we learned that it will give some lucky bastards Verizon customers the ability to use their phones as wireless hotspots for up to five devices. It will also allow users to stream video to compatible devices via Apple's AirPlay feature. But the feature that has us amped is the inclusion of new multi-touch gestures.

Apple's been rocking with the same multi-touch gestures it popularized when it debuted the iPhone back in '07. From the looks of the above video, iOS 4.3, which has been seeded to developers, will have a few new gestures that allow you to use four or five fingers to swipe through different open programs, swipe up to access the multitask bar, and pinch to access the homepage. Due to the last feature, rumors have Apple doing away with the home button on the upcoming iPad. If all that is true, we expect to see all these gestures on every other smartphone by year's end. [via Macrumors]