Well, the Video Game Awards air tomorrow night on Spike—which we guess means you can give your TiVo a break from the MANswers/1000 Ways To Date-Rape Die Season Pass—and we have to say we're not totally unexcited. Neil Patrick Harris is hosting, and there's sure to be plenty of new footage shown of upcoming games (and even some brand new games being announced). The one thing we don't always love about the VGAs, though, is their nomination system. Sure, they always find a way to acknowledge good games, but they tend to miss some great titles and performances in the process—and this year is no exception. So in the interest of fairness, and possibly getting INVITED TO THE DAMN THING next year, we'd like to present to you, the possible viewer, 10 things the VGAs missed this year. Is there a reboot on this thing?