carwarsWith Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit beating Gran Turismo 5 into stores by a day, NFS publisher EA is feeling itself, word to Mac Dre. The company called GT5 "sterile" and claimed its next pure racing sim would beat the Sony behemoth. SHOTS FIRED! [CVG]

Speaking of GT5, the crew at logged some road miles to bring you an info-packed preview. [Game Informer]

And speaking of Sony, looks like they've got more than 50 3-D games in development. Cue the LV Millionaire stereoscopic shades... [Joystiq]

And speaking of, uh..oh, EA! Yeah. Speaking of EA, rumor has it they're set to unveil a first-person NFL game. If there are groupie challenges, consider this a pre-order. [Pasta Padre]

And speaking of—well, nothing, we guess—sounds like there's a laundry list of fixes Treyarch needs to make to Black Ops. We'll co-sign that RC-XD perk—some maps end up looking like a monster truck rally being held in the land of giants. Except the trucks can blow up and kill you. Or just blow up ineffectually, depending on who's spazzing out at the wheel. [GamePro]