There had been whispers about it earlier, but yesterday we got confirmation that Emmanuelle Chriqui would be playing a role in the upcoming tiny-indie-game-that-could, Call of Duty: Black Ops (perhaps you've heard of it?). Word on the streets is that the actress will portray an agent known by numbers rather than a name—in which case we have the perfect number in mind: 10! You already love her from her long-running role on Entourage, but don't forget that Chriqui's true hotness cred dates back to the summer of 2006, when she became a Complex cover girl, and in doing so ensured that there would be no other event in her life that could compare to the heady honor. She's not the only Complex cover-approved stunner to pop up in a video game, though. We dug through the archives and found a full 10-pack of 10s who inspired us to pick up our sticks. By which we mean our controllers, of course. What are we over here, charlatans?!