THUMB_nerdalert10-13After Apple revised its Apple TV set-top box and Google announced its own television prospects, Sony arrives to the party fashionably late with its own line of Internet TV sets. Powered by the aforementioned Google TV software, the flatscreens will allow users to easily surf the web while watching their favorite shows, and stream media from a host of different online video and music sites. So is Internet TV here to stay this time around? We hope so. We're dying to stop paying our cable bill. [PC Magazine]

Apple's latest patent could implement parental controls for texting. But what about Favre? [CNET]

Proving that it actually does care about your online security and privacy, Facebook will offer "disposable passwords" for when you want to log in at an Internet cafe...or your sidepiece's crib. [InformationWeek]

According to a new report, consumers aren't sold on 3-D TVs just yet. Let's see how they feel after Avatar 2 comes out. [Engadget]

A recent study claims the iPhone 4 is easier to break than the iPhone 3GS. In other news, Apple nears its 4.4 million units-sold goal for the fourth quarter. [TMCNET]

Pope Benedict XVI says new technologies could lead people to confuse reality with virtual reality. [Gizmodo]

Twitter looks to one-up Facebook by targeting one billion users and bigger ad revenue. [Bloomberg]


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