TV: Both Eminem and Nelson Mandela were on 60 Minutes last night. Guess which one is "just whatever" with gays and can rhyme five different things with "orange." [CBS News]

Politics: It turns out Marshall Mathers actually has more progressive views on gays than the Republican nominee for governor in New York, Carl Paladino. [NY Times]

Comics: Everything you wanted to know about New York Comic Con 2010 but were too busy trying to get out of your costume to ask. [Comics Alliance]

Movies: The Michelle Williams-Ryan Gosling flick Blue Valentine has picked up an NC-17 rating. Michelle Williams x NC-17 = us intrigued. [The Wrap]

Crime: Reason No. 7 (or 17) to not get drunk and shoot up strangers' houses with a shotgun: 'Cause a grandmother in said house might have a heart attack and die. And then you go to prison. [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]