Crime: A U.S. State Department employee has been indicted for hacking into various celebs' personal information, including noteworthy names like Ali Lohan and...well, that's it. Damn, you use your government computer to stalk celebrities and that's who you choose? Side note: That family can't catch a break. [NY Post]

Movies: Emma Stone has been cast as Peter Parker's doomed first love Gwen Stacy in the latest re-revamp of the Spider-Man series, set to drop in Summer 2012. Hubba hubba. [Hollywood Reporter]

TV: Eliot Spitzer's talk show was a flop on its first night. We won't speculate on how he might console himself after hearing the news, except to say that it might involve paying for sex. [Media Week]

Movies: Idris Elba reveals that he's got a multi-picture deal with Marvel. [Film News]

Comics: Steve Rude, the co-creator of the '80s series Nexus and the illustrator for Superman/Batman: World's Finest, is hosting an auction in an effort to save his house. Cool shit for sale, and for a good (if tragic) cause. [Comics Alliance]